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Specialty Programs

Cosmetic scar management

Our skilled therapists are trained to help you manage your scars. They can improve scar mobility, decrease pain, and prevent further scar tissue accumulation.

Pregnancy Prep

If you are a pregnant mama looking to get your body ready for birth, ask us about our pregnancy prep program! We have expertly trained therapists that can guide you through prepping your pelvic floor for your delivery and improve your birth outcome!


Our lymphedema therapists can help you manage your lymphedema needs and have extensive experience in breast cancer care. They can help you manage swelling, decrease pain, improve mobility, and more!


TMJ therapy can help decrease pain and dysfunction related to your jaw. We have an expert physical therapist with specialty certification in TMJ care.

Visceral Manipulation

Visceral therapy is a highly skilled but gentle manual therapy that works on your body organs. It can help decrease chronic pain (especially abdominal pain), improve GI function, and restore normal mobility. It is performed by highly skilled physical therapists.​

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a specialized procedure that decreases myofascial pain and inflammation. It is performed by therapists certified in dry needling. Treatment is directed at decreasing the activity of myofascial trigger points, which can be involved in both acute and chronic pain conditions. Dry needling is an effective way to decrease pain and restore normal muscle function.

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