Breastfeeding and Lactation Services

Our Certified Breastfeeding Specialist can help guide you through your breastfeeding journey.

A Certified Breastfeeding Specialist is a lactation professional who has received extensive training in the
education and care of breastfeeding families through pregnancy, breastfeeding initiation, and course of
lactation through weaning. A Certified Breastfeeding Specialist can offer practical ways to implement
self-care strategies for families and new parents learning how to feed their infants.

Breastfeeding Therapy
- Postpartum support for parents and babies
- Optimal Breastfeeding Positions
- Breast engorgement
- Clogged ducts
- Mastitis
- Latching issues
- Milk oversupply
- Milk under supply
- Nipple soreness/ pain
- Breastfeeding after breast surgery

Pumping and Returning to Work
- Pump Selection
- How to use your breast pump
- When and how to introduce bottles to your baby as you continue to breastfeed
- Maintaining Milk Supply
- Education on breast milk storage

Mother Breastfeeding Baby