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Breast Health and Cancer Rehabilitation

Lymphedema Treatment

At Doctor of WoMEN’s Health we believe in prevention. Prevention is the cure to lymphedema. We educate our patients on lifestyle modifications to ensure efficiency of the lymph system, compression support, as well as specialized manual treatment and exercises to improve body mechanics, posture control, strength, and productivity of the lymph system. 

Kinesiotaping strategies, manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), as well as dry bristle brushing are a few of the treatment techniques used to help promote lymphatic mobility.

Post Lumpectomy or Post Mastectomy Care

We are here to answer your questions and help walk you through the journey of recovery. Lumpectomy as well as mastectomy surgery is a major life change that affects the body physically, emotional, and mentally. You are strong, brave, and courageous and will thrive! Our treatments are formed around your goals and needs. Generally treatments include scar tissue manipulation, soft tissue work to the affected area into various pain regions, range of motion exercises, postural support, body mechanics, and lymphedema prevention techniques. 

Post Breast Augmentation Care

The Archives of Plastic Surgery reports 10.6% of women experience capsular contracture post breast augmentation. This can cause an encapsulation of the implant with ligamentous tissue. Adhesive capsulitis can cause the implant to harden, lift, and may cause the skin to pucker. 

Therapy will focus on soft tissue mobility and breaking up adhesions in the capsulating tissues.

Scar tissue techniques to improve pliability and softness of scar lines will encourage mobility of the breast tissue as well. 

Lower Extremity and Genital Lymphedema 

We now offer skilled physical therapy for the treatment of lower extremity and genital lymphedema. We specialize in management of lymphedema as a result of genital and reproductive cancer treatment. Therapy will focus on improving lymphatic flow, decreasing edema, applying compression and bandages, and strengthening through exercise.

Breast Health and Cancer Rehabilitation: Services
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